10 Essential Beers For Summer 2017

We gave ourselves the hard task of drinking, researching, and reviewing the ten most essential beers for 2017.

1. Schofferhofer - Grapefruit Radler, 2.5%

You might not want to call it a beer around your Untappd pals but this tooth-rotting wheat beer hybrid is undeniably great in its simplicity. Simultaneously a rebranded mimosa, a hard soda, and an extremely grapefruit, juicy low-alcohol beer it is perfect for hair of the dog or nursing something in the park.


2. Beerbliotek - Session IPA, 3.5% 

Having visited Beerbliotek's tap room in Gothenburg its fair to say the first word that comes to mind isn't sunny. Thankfully this Session IPA will do all the travelling for you, and to somewhere a little more beachy. Beerbliotek often feels like a brilliantly-run family brewery, and their beers are never more lovingly crafter than on this delightful session. It pours a beautiful hazy orange with a huge head full of tropical fruits, citrus and grass aromas. This is a seriously impressive, and surprisingly low ABV brew.


3. Founders - All Day IPA, 4.7%

'All Day' is certainly the operative words here, as Founders renowned session ale truly raised the bar for the style. Perfectly balanced, and with entirely apt holiday imagery this is a beer to saviour - well saviour time and time again. 


4. Magic Rock - Highwire Grapefruit Pale Ale, 5.5%

Magic Rock - Highwire Grapefruit, Pale Ale 5.5%

Coming in at a rather meaty 5.5% you might not assume this to be your typical summer fair, but think again. This tribute to the pale ales of West Coast America may be unapologetically hop forward but its delicious mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise brilliantly to stem the tide of bitterness.


5. Fourpure - Juicebox Citrus IPA, 5.9%

Though Juicebox might be your boyfriends first foray into craft beer this accessible number from Fourpure is an affordable distillation of everything great about refreshing, fruit-forward IPAs. All fresh orange zest, with a heap of citrus aroma and a bright warm, summery hue, this is a quenching beer with brilliant session qualities.


6. Verdant - Pulp Double IPA, 8%

Massive stone fruit flavours and a full, chewy body really make this an impressive beer from a cult brewery. Clocking in at 8% you probably might want to limit yourself to just one of these beuaifully hazy bad boys, or risk being locked in the park overnight. 


7. Flying Dog - Doggie Style Pale Ale, 5.5%

This extremely well-regarded, bbq and binge ready beverage from Flying Dog needs no introduction. With the accessibility of a lager, backed by some fantastic citra hops this is certainly summer-ready stuff.


8. Beavertown - Neck Oil, 4.3%

This brilliant beer may have started life as a home-brew, but Beavertown knew they were on to something. This is a crisp, light, punchy, go to that you can sling down your neck at a moments notice.


9. Stone Brewing - Go To IPA, 4.8%

The Grandaddy of them all, Stone's Go To IPA is easily one of the most lauded session brews, or beers full-stop. Now canned in slightly more nearby Berlin, that hop aroma is even more potent than before. Never mind just a summer beer this is an all-time great. 


10. Omnipollo - Original Ice Cream Pale Ale, 5.6%

Forget a 99 flake this is your real summer vice of choice. Brewed with heaps of malted oats and conditioned with one vanilla bean per two litres of beer, the similarity to vanilla ice cream is unmistakable. We still can't work out quite how they've done it.