7 of The Best Beers We Drank in October

Here's our monthly round-up including all the best beers we tasted in October! We aim to cover mostly new releases, but we also showcase some seasonal classics. Be sure to follow us on instagram - @drunknoise - for regular entries and much more!

1. To Øl - Dangerously Close to Stupid Amounts of Papaya, IIPA 9.3%

IMG_2444 2.JPG

A ridiculous, and ridiculously great tropical IIPA, We were absolutely floored by this artwork from the consistently brilliant Kasper Ledet. Following a visit to BRUS earlier in the year we’ve been stocking up on more and more from the Danish micro-giants. Thankfully DCTSAOP (which is so long it even has a long acronym) did not disappoint. Sweet, resinous rounds after rounds of papaya and peach fill the tastebuds. There’s a hefty alcohol flavour there too, but it’s earned it’s place. Murky and exotic, with a slick texture, it certainly lives up to the billing. It’s outrageous, and outstanding, but then what would you expect?

2. Dame Melba Phantom - Beavertown, Berliner Weisse 4.8%

We can’t get enough of the Burton-esque character design from Nick Dwyer, which is really getting us in the seasonal spirit. The beer itself pours a brilliant ruby, but its not just looks that it excels in. Thanks to the delicate introduction of peach the tartness gained from those fresh Scottish raspberries is tempered somewhat, making it far more accessible, perfect for those not quite sold on sour power just yet.

As a result its surprisingly refreshing, and an appropriate farewell to the summer. It’s almost yoghurty mouthfeel combines with a salt/sweet flavour for an ingenious balance. Though, we found it initially too astringent, and possibly a little too carbonated, it calmed down a fair bit after time. Though Dead & Berried heavily impressed, Beavertown surely bested it with this cracking Berliner!

3. Northern Monk - Russian Star, White Stout 9.0%


A flat white-inspired and flat out bonkers Guatemalan and lactose infused stout! We can’t say that we stumble upon too many imperial white stouts but then they say all’s better in good measure. With a hefty dose of vanilla and that La Bolsa coffee, Russian Star certainly comes out all guns blazing, with an almost sickly sweet character. Meanwhile there’s next to no foam aiding in a deliciously creamy mouthfeel. There’s also bags of hidden fruit, bananas, raisins and more alongside that popping caramel.

It’s a daring brew then, for daring folk. And, though it might not become our regular there’s something to be admired in its exceptional, warming, cocktail-esque flavours. If you’ve got the nerve, or perhaps a penchant for Kahlua it’s an excellent beer. Just make sure you stick to the one.

4. Lervig - Hazy Days, Session APA 4.7%


"We didn’t hold back on this one. If you don’t like hops this beer is better left on the shelf” // We knew what we were getting ourselves in for! Scandinavian session APA’s don’t get much better than this, which is straight-up hop juice. Naturally hazy may be an understatement but this session finds brilliant clarity in its tropical flavours. Brewed using oats and wheats it’s as light as a cloud, despite the bagfuls of hops!

Returning to the hop health warning it’s very likely this summery brew might put off a decent crowd. Though it is a little unbalanced it’s far from bitter, or gimmicky for that matter. In fact it’s creamy, peachy notes are pretty exceptional - especially at 4.7%. This is a self-contradicting, superb brew, and we can’t get enough of it!

5. Cloudwater - Session IPA Simcoe Citra BBC 4.8%


Though we're huge fans of Colonna, Cloudwater won't be getting bonus points for appearing alongside this bag of joy. Yet, Cloudwater’s Session IPA follows a distinctly similar pattern of flavour, sweet and juicy to begin with, but this time with a marginally bitter, balancing edge. Melon and piney passion fruit dominate here on a perfectly delicate IPA, not simply an attempt to fit max flavour into min abv. It’s a fresh, pithy, brew that needn’t compete with the big boys, it’s in a category of its own.

6. Tailgate - Grapefruit IPA 6.2%


Summer may have sharply come to an end but we are refusing to go quietly with this brilliant Grapefruit IPA! Having tried our own fair share of a slew of gimmicky grapefruit IPAs over the last few months, Tailgate have made the real thing. It’s almost as radler-esque as schöfferhofers’s candy sweet drink, but there’s a surprising balance to this gently bitter, fruit forward brew. Far from artificially enhanced this has just enough pithy flavour, pine resin and grassiness to hold it together. All this goes a long way to creating an extremely solid specialised beer, perfect for the dying embers of sunshine.

7. Cloudwater - NW DIPA Galaxy 9%

IMG_2660 2.JPG

We couldn’t miss out on this Autumnal monster from the seasonal specialists themselves! In the world of craft beer we’ve quickly learnt there’s nothing scarier than missing out on an essential DIPA release, so we ignored the tricks and went straight to the treats. Cloudwater’s fifth NW (North West) certainly adheres to the established profile. Huge hop aromas, clean - aesthetically pleasing can design, bags of juicy mango and grapefruit, warming mouthfeel, hazy, murky body. But what’s new? Or rather how does it stack up?

High... real high, certainly one of the best we’ve tried since their own Ekuanot. There’s a suggestion that the overwhelming NEIPA trend may result in some kind of fatigue. But what we have now is a brewery consistently making some of the best in a malleable, exciting style - and that doesn’t look like it will go out of season anytime soon.