Cloudwater Brew Co. - NW DIPA Citra


Cloudwater were always going to have craft beer fans right in the palm of their hands with another signature DIPA, which could have been a problem, if they weren't so consistently great. The latest the, 'NW DIPA Citra' takes off exactly where they left off, big, bold flavours and an almost unrivalled freshness. 

As per the description its backed by "JW Lees 4792nd generation yeast" - which you'd hope they'd finally have got right by now. Indeed, its pure and thick mango juice with a rather controlled bitterness amongst the deeply citrus aroma. Though the 9% ABV is hidden pretty well, it still feels like hefty stuff, which is not particularly a problem in any case with such a stunning mouthfeel.

But was it worth the frenzy, the genuinely embarrassing phone call to the beer shop to see if they've still got it in stock? Undoubtedly. It stands to reason that this will have been one of the best beers of the year come December time. That 'beer hype' exists to this degree is the most 2017 thing we can think off, but give me that grapefruit-infected shame any day of the week for something like this.