Craft Beer Grocery Guide: Tesco

Craft Beer Groceries is an ongoing series to find the best brews to put in your basket alongside your fruit and veg.

So there were no Cloudwater DIPAs left. So you couldn't justify that £50 beer order sitting in your basket. So your subscription ran out. Fear not. Though you might not be able to get that ludicrous limited edition brew, your grocery shop just began cottoning on to the 'trend', to keep you going. We begin with the big daddy itself, Tesco. Apart from providing that unbelievable Brewdog story what have Tesco ever done for craft beer?

1. Vocation Life & Death IPA - £1.90

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Vocation may be a little newer to the game than most of the other breweries on this list, but boy does it feel like they have a point to prove - and Life & Death is them putting everything on the (canning) line. Their take on the ballsy U!S!A! style IPA is a resounding triumph. Full of tropical, citrus notes with a balancing bitterness this needs to be in your basket. Just put it in their now so you don't forget.

2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - £1.80

Sierra Nevada claim this drink has "fascinated beer drinkers for decades", which would sound a bit self-aggrandising if it wasn't entirely true. But it is. An accessible, bold, all natural grapefruit-tinged delight. You win this time, Nevada.

3. Brewdog Elvis Juice - £1.90

It would be a minor travesty not to include Brewdog here. Though they may be big business now, they've not compromised on their big flavours, just yet. Elvis Juice may be an acquired taste with its almost sickly quantity of grapefruit, but this is a delightful vice. Zingy, with a restrained bitterness, and for our money the usurper to the Punk IPA throne.

4. Anchor Steam Beer - £1.80

San Francisco's famous Anchor Steam is unique, for a brewing process that has evolved over many decades, and is like no other in the world. Today, these methods largely remain a mystery, which would all be rather boring if Anchor's Steam didn't taste so darn good. Yes its a well disguised lager, but there's always space for a quenching, malty beast to counter sour power.

5. Stone Go To IPA - £1.90

It's fair to say we're quite a big fan of Stone's Go To, including it in our Essential Beers for Summer 2017 - so when this little guy popped in Tesco you best believe we were excited. Our favourite little nugget of information for this brew is Stone's mental sounding "hop bursting" technique. They add, and I quote am "irrational amount of hops during the final brewing phase to bring out maximum flavours and aromas". Sign us up.

6. Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale - £2.00

Keeping on trend this beer is billed as "a huge voluminously hopped Mutha of a Pale Ale" by Oskar Blues. And, they might be on to something here. Adored by can-loving untappd aficionados and beer newbies alike, this one will fit snug in your fridge between an all time classic, and the one you might let your Dad try (if there's more than one left).

7. Flying Dog Easy IPA - £1.80

We're going to let Flying Dog's marketing team take it away for this one, who did a far better job then we ever could in describing the need for their exceptional Easy IPA: "They say that life isn't easy. They also say that you should always put on pants before you go out in public, the best meals aren't made in the microwave, couches aren't meant to have cup holders, and condiments come in vessels other than squeezy tubes... Clearly, they aren't always right".

8. Thornbridge Jaipur IPA - £1.80

A citrus dominated IPA from mainstays Thornbridge was always going to be a resounding success.  Immediately soft and smooth this one culminates in an enduring, impressively bitter finish. If you haven't tried this well regarded beer just yet, we advise you to correct your mistake right about now.

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