Craft Beer Guide: Lisbon's 5 Best Spots

Only two years ago did Lisbon's first brewpub crop up, but despite initial concerns of inactivity on our visit there's a bubbling undercurrent of shops, spots and sights for craft beer lovers. Here's the essential few with an accompanying map, perfect for a two day flyby tour, or a longer stay for more flights after your flight.

1. Duque Brewpub


Becoming Lisbon's first brewpub proper must have been quite a daunting task for Duque. The big question being, would people even want to be freed from the almost totalitarian two-brew rule of Sagres & Super Bock?

Duque might easily have played it safe emulating a Shoreditch local, nestled comfortably in trendy Bairro Alto, but instead there's a welcome focus on Portuguese beers across the board, with glad folks spilling on to the streets at dusk. We opted for a Musa 'Born In The IPA' a brilliant, and heavily inspired American IPA full of citrus and balanced malt (though we later tried 6 of the 9 other offerings on tap with glee). Call it a haven, or part of the boom, Duque are here to stay.

Duque Brewpub are open Wednesday to Sunday from 4pm till late.

2. Dois Corvos' Taproom


We absolutely loved Dois Corvos' 'Last Mango In Paris' and having sampled a hefty load of what these lot have to offer, visiting their taproom is an absolute must. Despite being slightly off the beaten path, there's hidden treasure waiting for the intrepid craft beer explorer - just worry about getting back later.

Dois Corvos' taproom is open 2pm to 11pm Sunday through Thursday, closing later on Fri & Sat.

3. Delirium Café Lisboa


We nearly missed Delirium Café Lisboa altogether but a lucky spot of that famous pink elephant (from across the road at the first-rate Louie Louie records) and we had found a goldmine of Belgium goodness right under our noses.

In the end we opted for the titular Tremens from what is a pretty extensive selection of bottles, and brilliantly adorned taps. At a heart warming 8.5% it had no right to taste that delicate, with a fantastic, yeasty straw taste. With only a slight bitterness, that dissipates in a flash, there's lots to love about this wheat-filled classic - much like the beautifully intricate bar itself.

Delirium Café Lisboa is open from 12pm every day apart from Sunday (4pm) though we'd take this with a pinch of salt!

4. The Beer Station


One of Lisbon's latest craft beer joints, The Beer Station' boasts an envious position outside Rossio train station, ideal if you're travelling out, or in. With a healthy supply of bottles, including the likes of the aforementioned Dois Corvos, and Musa, find some shelter from the sun here in this bustling beer spot. 

The Beer Station is open every day of the week, but we'd advise you to check their page before you visit, due to shifting hours.

5. Cerveteca Lisboa

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 18.16.45.png

If you only go to one spot in Lisbon, make it this one. At our craft beer home from home, Cerveteca Lisboa, there's a lovingly curated selection of bottles & taps featuring some pretty special international and local beers, with a strong representation from the Scandinavian elite.

We opted for this brilliantly diverse flight featuring Weihenstephaner's crisp Hefeweissbier, Letra's delicate, foamy pilsner, 'C', Dois Corvois' tart sour 'Rosa Viçosa', Brewski's 'Conan DIPA' and finally Brewski's NEIPA, 'Three Fourteen'. We were particularly delighted with the bold NEIPA and Letra's cracking pilsner, although all impressed in what remains Lisbon's craft beer crown jewel, and the epicentre for its ongoing evolution in beer culture.

Cerveteca Lisboa is open every day from 3:30pm onwards.

We've included a map below with our updated highlights, including seven(!) more spots worth a look. Enjoy!