The Best Craft Beers Of August & September

We've compiled all our favourite brews into one handy list, so you can catch up with everything great we tasted over the last two months! We aim to cover mostly new releases, but we also showcase some seasonal classics. Be sure to follow our Instagram @drunknoise for regular entries and much more!


1. Beavertown x Trillium - Beaverillium, IPA 7.5%

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When a beer looks this stunning we just have to show it in its full glory. Take a bow, Beavertown, or should we say a twirl?! But back to the more pressing matter at hand - the beer. Beaverillium is thick, foamy, mango juice backed by a surprisingly malty base. There's an initially unnerving savoury flavour, with an almost onion-y spice that flares up towards the end (that's not half as unpleasant as it sounds). In fact it kind of makes it. Though it would be more at home in a bigger can, this isn't another collab for collabs sake. Instead, it's a lovingly made beer with typically exceptional packaging. And, while we've not been fortunate enough to try something from Trillium on their own, this will keep us going for a while longer.

2. Modern Times - Blazing World, Amber 6.8%

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Modern Times’ Blazing World is a certainly a forerunner as amber ales go, making it the perfect seasonal support for our autumnal adventures. A sticky, dank beer, its loaded with an obscene amount of hops - giving it an intensely fruity, complex flavour backed by a weighty bitterness. Will those San Dieogites(?) San Diegoins(?) San Diegoans(?) ever put a foot wrong? And, are references to Anchorman still funny?

3. Other Half - Mylar Bags, DDH IIPA 8.5%

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It’s once in a beery blue blue moon that you get US brewing greats like The Other Half over this neck of the woods. But, that’s exactly what happened during their tap takeover at (the fantastic) The Axe in Stoke Newington. We got a taste of a litany of double dry hopped delights, but taking home two for keeps, including the superb Mylar Bags was an utter privilege. Dank and rich, with a healthy dose of that extraordinary magic dust (Lupulin Powder) made for a bold, brilliant beer, surpassing even our wild expectations. Swing by anytime, eh?

4. Northern Monk x Bissell Brothers - Knucklepuck, IIPA 8.5%

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This glowing DIPA has something for everyone, from its charming aesthetic to its daring, velvety flavour and juicy, smooth mouthfeel. There’s massive fruit flavours here, at times savoury passion fruit and even something distinctly farmy. Unusual perhaps, but it's nonetheless harmonious for it. At 8.5% there's a hefty punch with an almost grape-like tinge, but thanks to the low carbonation the texture really is truly a stroke of genius. Northern Monk can do wrong in our books, and we can't wait to get ahold of anything else Bissell Brothers related after a first try!

5. Cloudwater x Other Half - ™ Life, IPA 6%

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Despite maybe letting this one linger in the fridge for a little too long, it’s another collab that delivers the goods, as you would expect from these two giants from either side of the pond. The flavour is certainly on the lighter side, though it’s verging on biscuity, and far from the tropical juice box you might expect. Once your palate readjusts there’s a lot to love here, though we can’t help but feel there is a marked gap between the standard of recent DIPAs to this single IPA. A comparison to some of the best beers around right now will do this no favours for anyone. lndeed, this is a very solid beer and not only an excellent indicator of things to come, but a sign of just how lucky we are to be getting a regular supply of beers this quality.

6. Dugges - Fresh8, IPA 7.4%

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If Fresh9 was only a very, very good example of a NEIPA, Fresh8 is top tier. A whole bunch smoother, with a murky, almost cheesy body this was brilliant - start to finish. Dugges’ have been a long-time favourite of ours, with their uniquely brilliant sours (Tropic Punch Ale being one of the best of ‘16). But, this was only our second time trying their impressive IPAs on tap, ‘Fresh’ & fresh to taste, it wouldn’t be to crazy to suggest v8 might be in the same lofty stratosphere as a certain Manchester-based brewing company. We’ll certainly be on the hunt for v10 and anything else this lot are up to!

7. Verdant x Dry & Bitter - Pineapple Express, IPA 6.1%

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An absolute beauty from Verdant x Dry & Bitter. Unfiltered, murky juice that's full bodied and perfectly balanced. There's a hefty dose of pineapple, no doubt, but there's a brilliant injection of grassy bitterness for a final stop. That's not to forget the contribution to a great cause, Hops Not Hate, to cap it all off!

8. UnBarred x Soundwaves - 3 B's, Belgian IPA 6.3%

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The first brew originally made on the shoals of one of the most exciting craft beer spots right now is suitably brilliant. UnBarred's new number tastes like a golden ale, IPA hybrid. Hazy but with a welcome, drying bite, it's full of wheaty, grassy, Belgian flavour. Having greatly enjoyed their NEIPA it's obvious they're finding a super juicy, winning formula beer by beer. Thats not forgetting this is a collaboration with Soundwaves, (the people behind that amazing Island Records Session) of which we can't wait to taste more from. We're assuming you won't have to hop on the train or plane to the pier to try this, but it wouldn't half be a bad idea.

9. Cloudwater - NW DIPA Ekuanot, DIPA 9%

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Fittingly we cracked this open on IPA day, and though we've already featured one Cloudwater (and there may be one more to come) this was streets ahead of most we drunk recently (somehow even better than Imaginary Greenscapes). There's a huge fruity aroma, full to the brim with hops and citrus peel, accompanied by a stunningly murky, rich finish. Those boys & girls from Manchester have done it again, obviously.

10. The Veil x Cloudwater - Chubbles, Triple IPA 10%

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Cloudwater and The Veil really took us to another dimension with this one.  We'd try to give Chubbles a thorough review but then there's little point by now, pardon the phrase - but it is simply out of this world. If, somehow, it's still available near you buy this beast. Though we've not yet had the pleasure of getting anything from The Veil themselves this more than makes up for it. We challenge any beer lover not to fall in love with this deceptive, beautiful, brilliant brew. This is one of the best of the year, and it'll take something quite extraordinary to knock it off the throne itself.

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