Dugges Bryggeri - Tropic Thunder


Unsurprisingly, Dugges' 'Tropic Thunder' is another resoundingly successful collaboration with stillwater artisanal. Its filled to the brim with mango, passionfruit and a hint of peach, backed by a soft, light biscuity base.

Although it's a sour by nature, its manageably tart, and not just sharp for the sake of it. Indeed the paradigm of some gose producing breweries has been to alienate the casual fan in recent years. While who can produce the most acidic beer might be something great for the hardcore fans its not a competition the average consumer really wants a part in.

What's so distinctly great about Tropic Thunder is it dips its toes into these sharp-tasting waters but returns with a focus on its complex, fruity flavours. Though its still a biting beer it is undoubtedly a summer sour that bucks the trend beautifully.