Fourpure - Juicebox


It might be seen as a little old hat by some these days but Fourpure's Juicebox is an affordable distillation of everything great about refreshing, fruit-forward IPAs. All fresh orange zest, with a heap of citrus aroma and a bright warm, summery hue, this is a quenching IPA with almost session-able qualities.

Though, Juicebox might be your boyfriends first foray into craft beer with its slightly obvious packaging, low bitterness, and genuine simplicity that shouldn't mean it misses out on being a quality go-to beverage.

In recent times its fair to speculate the Juicebox's freshness may have gone down a notch. A slightly watery mouthfeel and a thin body is has certainly been present on a number of occasions. Yet, holding an accessible IPA to a gold standard is not entirely appropriate for what is a very solid beer, and a foundation for the excellent Fourpure to further progress.