Omnipollo x Buxton Brewery - Original Ice Cream Pale Ale

The worlds of ice cream and beer had no real reason to coolide. Indeed, the thought of a lactose filled beer is perhaps only an appealing thought to the most staunch of beer nerds. And, even then how much can you really get beer to taste like ice cream without it being a horrible, melting mess.

Well, in the case of Omnipollo and Buxton Brewery its actually quite possible. Brewed with heaps of malted oats and conditioned with one vanilla bean per two litres of beer, the similarity to vanilla ice cream is unmistakable. It's a medium bodied beer which still packs a hoppy punch, yet (especially as it begins to warm up) the taste comparison is pretty remarkable.

Although it might have come about by sheer daringness its undeniable that although they aimed for an ice cream twist, crucially this did not forgo a delectable beer in the process. Some critics have rightly suggested that this could be a rather confused beer, with a stout making more sense for such a flavour combination. Though there is a long history of ice cream stouts, the pale style, even with its sharp lemon edge, still manages to be an absolute winner. In fact its perhaps at its most accessible here, forget a 99 flake this is your real summer vice.