Schofferhofer - Grapefruit Radler

We're not quite sure that Schofferhofer quite counts as a beer, not because of any craft beer eliteness, but because its pure, unfiltered nectar. Billed as a radler it contains half Schofferhofer Unfiltered Hefeweizen blended with half grapefruit drink. And, Jesus Christ is it refreshing.

Clocking in at just 2.5% ABV its often greeted with a fair amount of scorn by the craft beer buying public. Right now it sits at an overall of just 22 on Ratebeer. On Beeradvocate the story is generally the same, with a score of 79 - its rated as 'okay'.

Yet, this is a drink that largely laughs in the face of categories. It is after all simultaneously a rebranded mimosa, a hard soda, and an extremely grapefruit, juicy low-alcohol beer. Minimally carbonated, it also has a thin mouthfeel almost resembling Sprite. It's tooth-rottingly sweet with only a hint of its wheat beer origins, but its also undeniably great in its simplicity.

You might not want to call it a beer around your Untappd pals but whether its for hair of the dog, you're nursing one in the park, or even if you're prepared to admit that it just tastes really, really good you should definitely be drinking one of these this summer.