Swift One // Dead & Berried - Beavertown x Other Half

"Swift One" // NOUN. British, informal. An alcoholic drink (often, but not necessarily, a half-pint of beer) consumed quickly, usually of mythical singularity.


We were infatuated with Beavertown's delicate Dame Melba Phantom, so there was no chance that we would miss out on this German-inspired, fruit-filled party with (none other) than those fine folks from Brooklyn, Other Half.

Pouring an effervescent, hazy pink, the aroma is all tart raspberry. But there’s also bags of juicy blood orange and strawberry. Easy drinking yes, but those berries bring a fine, sharp balance alongside the cooling, yoghurt-like mouthfeel.

Straddling the line between quenching pale ale and startlingly sour, this brew could easily be seen as a novelty, though there’s nothing funny about these impressive flavours. In our books it's a daring, super session-able beer, and one that will not easily be forgotten!

4/5 Raspberry-Filled Skulls