Swift One // Evil Twin - Sanguinem Aurantiaco


"Swift One" // NOUN. British, informal. An alcoholic drink (often, but not necessarily, a half-pint of beer) consumed quickly, usually of mythical singularity.

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We picked this brilliant looking can up in a rather chilly York at The House of Trembling Madness. Yet, though the leaves had long fallen off the trees, you could just for a moment convince yourself the sun is out with this brilliant, puckering, blood orange sour. 

Clocking in at just 3.25% Evil Twin’s yoghurt-y, tart brew is certainly light. Though, it’s salty too, with it’s almost pickled, juicy notes. Indeed, there's a brilliant simplicity and execution to the sweet/sour conundrum on display here.

The pitfalls of a sour ale are well known, though many breweries still insist on creating acidic, bitter sours for sour sake. Yet, there's no danger of an imposing beer here. 

With a hazy straw-like pour it’s a sessionable brew, and a perfect introductory sour ale thanks to the delicate and delectable balance of the sweeter blood orange. Now, if only we could have a few of these in Summer!

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