Swift One // Mikkeller - Beer Geek Brunch


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If breakfast is the most important meal, then brunch might just be the most important drink! Travelling from San Diego to Hungary to England to my mouth (courtesy of Budapest Beer Smuggler David March) it made quite the journey, and one pretty fitting of a 10.9% undertaking of an Imperial Stout.

Also that cat-can art is simply adorable - look at those little eyes looking up.
Just look at them! 
But anyway... beer.

Immediately upon opening the wafting aroma is all dense dark chocolate and cold brew coffee. It’s similarily full bodied too, thick almost to the point of slick, delicious oil. But that sticky, almost cloying texture is the perfect carrier for those brilliantly syrupy coffee flavours. Though, it's far from simply straight dark roast goodness.

Varying from sweet to bitter, caramel to ash, each mouthful is an entirely different proposition in, and of it's self. Yet, throughout there’s an almost dangerous, reinvigorating drinkability to it all. Despite everything, those bold flavours, it's sheer potency, and an expected heaviness that never quite materialised - it's a blink and you'll miss it brew. Ditch your daiquiri or your mimosa, this super stout is your best brunch beverage...

4.5/5 Rad Gold Cats