Swift One // Modern Times - Critical Band

"Swift One" // NOUN. British, informal. An alcoholic drink (often, but not necessarily, a half-pint of beer) consumed quickly, usually of mythical singularity.

We don’t really have many rules when it comes to craft beer, they seem to confuse the very nature of a design in constant flux. Yet, whenever we see some fresh Modern Times make it’s way over to the UK - we buy it. And, Critical Band is brilliantly tropical proof that sometimes rules can be fun.

Citrus Jam-packed with Denali, Ekuanot, Simcoe, Centennial (and you guessed it) Citra hops, it’s a pale whirlwind of resinous fruit. There’s tons of grapefruit, in particular, though no hopburn to speak of alongside that undercurrent of tantalisingly sweet mango.

It’s an outrageously warm, soft beer, comforting and enticing all at once - the kind you look down and you’ve already finished. Oh boy we miss you already Critical Band, please come back to our shore soon...

4.5/5 San Diegans