Swift One // Two Roads - Two Juicy

"Swift One" // NOUN. British, informal. An alcoholic drink (often, but not necessarily, a half-pint of beer) consumed quickly, usually of mythical singularity.

We confess it’s been a while since trying a Two Roads brew (not out of choice) but after seeing this beauty at The House of Trembling Madness on our trip North we simply had to grab a can of this double-trouble NEIPA. Suffice to say it was worth the wait.

It’s Juicy with a capital J alright - supercharged with Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Mandarina Bavaria hops it screams tropical, with heavily zesty orange, grapefruit and lychee notes. But, it’s also got a soft, malty backbone, a touch of grassiness and a slightly sticky, fluffy mouthfeel.

It’s an Alchemist-inspired stroke of genius, paving the way from Vermont to the UK via some rather crafty folk in Connecticut, of course!

5/5 Bizarrely electrified hops.