Best of the Month // October

Here's our monthly round-up featuring all our handpicked favourites from October! Be sure to check out the playlist down below, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and over at Listen for regular entries & much more!


Slaughter Beach, Dog - 'Acolyte'
A brilliantly candid backyard tale that's surprisingly warming and microscopically detailed.


Makeness - 'Loud Patterns'
Genre chameleon Makeness weaves an ingeniously coded puzzle in a cinematic, morphing single.


Strange Ranger - 'The Future' 
On a sprawling, shapeshifting track Strange Ranger are at their ambiguous, hazy best.


Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts - 'Mount Napoleon' 
Luppi's Pink Panther-esque instrumentation fuses with Savage's sharp epithets for a killer track.


Radiator Hospital - 'The People At The Show'
Despair, nostalgia, hope, and probably quite a bit more in the glance of a glazed-eyed friend.


Benjamin Jones - 'Separation' 
The former Youth Lagoon guitarist spins a hazy, sepia-stained tale of heartache and harmony.


Teleman - 'Repeater'
A brilliantly motorik experiment complete with a wiry, more sinister sound.


Friendship - 'Skip To The Good Part'
Brilliantly conversational, twisted lo-fi Americana, that's painfully profound in the vein of David Bazan or Ryley Walker.


Avalon Emerson - 'One More Fluorescent Rush'
Emerson is on sharp, reflexive form here as bewitching, arpeggiated synthesisers intertwine in a dense, tropical mix.


Clark - 'Honey Badger'
Careening from one style to the next, 'Honey Badger' is a schizophrenic, rabid belter.

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