Musician's Restaurants You Have To Visit

- The Four Horseman, New York (James Murphy)

- The Four Horseman, New York (James Murphy)

With an appreciation of all the senses, and an accompanying pretension or genuine love, it stands to reason that some of the world's greatest musicians would be food connoisseurs.

Jay-Z – The Spotted Pig, New York City

The rapper’s most famous food venture has had some success over the last 12 years. Michael Stipe, Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim and Pete Tong are amongst the big-names involved in Ken Friedman’s culinary project (he also spent years managing The Smiths). The first time Friedman met Jay-Z the rapper handed him a $50,000 after a short pitch, and the rest was history. Expect award-winning British & Italian food including oysters and polished mains all round.

Damon Albarn – Kaffibarrin, Reykjavik

The Blur frontman owns this cult bar in Iceland’s coastal capital. By all accounts, Kaffibarrin is a fashionably crowded bar. It boasts good food, and excellently curated music selections, but the long trip probably remains for only the hardcore fans. 

James Murphy – The Four Horseman, New York City

Not content on having his own coffee range Murphy (of the recently reformed LCD Soundsystem) has opened a Brooklyn based wine bar. And, we would expect nothing else but this dimly-lit, Scandanavian styled joint. A glance at the menu reveals beef tartare, black bass and tonnes of other intricately and beautifully prepared dishes. It’s easily the hit we wanted.

Win Butler and Régine Chassagne – Agrikol, Montreal

Upon its opening the Arcade Fire duo’s Haitian themed restaurant earned mixed reviews based on it’s long waits and sold-out dishes. However, the partnership with successful restaurateurs Jen Agg and artist Roland Jean suggests that the venture will continue to improve. With plans to include a next door café and later opening hours to house dishes like their rum soaked potato dessert, and dreamy drinks selection, this can be no bad thing.

St Vincent – Resident Taqueria, Texas

Annie Clark doesn’t own this Mexican restaurant as such - her sister does, however she famously moonlighted at the location last year. The singer posted on Instagram of her experience that, “You learn new things every day. I learned that I am a terrible waitress”. Despite the poor service, sumptuous tacos paired with a magaratita or two doesn’t sound half bad.

Bill Wyman – Sticky Fingers, London

Sticky Fingers’s prime location and solid atmosphere is great for any lovers of BBQ food. And, with a whole host of memorabilia to boot, this one’s must be an easy visit for any Rolling Stone fan too.

Seth Troxler – Smokey Tails, London

The hipster’s techno hero recently opened a full restaurant version of the popular ‘Beats & Eats’ pop-up created by the DJ and Wilderness festival co-founder Jo Vidler, and professed ‘flavour technician’ Jona Ahearne. Its permanent home resides in East London’s flourishing food scene at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. Like Wyman’s it is also a BBQ-themed joint, but one that is perhaps a little more refined than your average eatery.

Jon Bon Jovi – Soul Kitchen, New Jersey

Refreshingly, Soul Kitchen aims to offer a cheap alternative to fast food for low-income families in New Jersey. After two years of moving around the restaurant has set up a permanent home offering, “organic, healthy, good-for-you food”.

Julian Lennon – Blowfish Sushi, San Francisco

John Lennon’s son is a partial owner of the popular US West Coast sushi chain. The restaurant’s tagline, "sushi to die for", is thankfully nothing more than that, as the location doesn’t serve the incredibly dangerous fish that can only be prepared in the most specific way. Japanese Animation and Manga streams across multiple video screens in-keeping with the modern Tokyo vibe, and the food has been praised by various esteemed outlets.

Justin Timberlake – Southern Hospitality, New York City

Yet, another BBQ eatery set up by a popular musician (is BBQ food the easiest food to make?). This edition, founded by JT is described as an “authentic Memphis-style restaurant and bar”, offering anything from Ribs to Pulled Pork, and an extensive Bourbon selection. So barbecue food then.

Moby – Little Pine Restaurant, Los Angeles

It wouldn’t take a genius to guess Moby’s gastronomy venture - a casual vegan spot, located in Little Pine, in the popular Silver Lake Neighbourhood. TeaNY, his previous venture in New York lasted well over a decade before he moved on to his latest project. To be fair to the singer it's aesthetic's and food selection is something to behold.

Pharrell, Queen Latifah – Fatburger, Various Locations

Fatburger, which sounds like a nightmare to market, is a franchise with previous owners including Kanye West. Known for thick greasy burgers and a tagline of, ‘we’re not for everybody” – an acquired taste is key. R&B musician Pharrell bizarrely opened several Fatburger restaurants in China between 2007 and 2008.

Billy Corgan – Madame Zuzu's, Chicago

If it wasn’t already obvious that the Smashing Pumpkins singer was losing the plot a little, Corgan opened a Chinese tea house mimicking the style of 1930’s Paris. He told Rolling Stone he imagined the small parlour to become a community gathering place for the sharing of art. Zuzu’s focuses on gluten-free, healthy eats including various sandwiches, and of course numerous types of tea.