Tracks of the Month // November

While others are wrapping up their end-of-year retrospectives we're firmly staying in the near past with our roundup of the last month - and boy have there been some cracking new releases. If you're lagging behind, or just want some more digestible selections be sure to also check out our October highlights.

But, back to the now (ish). Starting off with Friendship's effortlessly charming, intimate Americana and coursing through Lonely Korea's languid lo-fi we finish up with Kelly Lee Owens' athletic, pulsating new mix. 

Along the way there's some frenetic bass in the form of Yaeji's 'raingurl', while Aussie new-wave emo favourites (quite the mouthful) Camp Cope make a return. There's also something from the similarly impressive Martha, and Teen Daze provide some stunning ambient on a brilliant new LP.

You'll be hard pressed to not find something you like on this one. It's a veritable, and varied treasure trove from an abnormally extensive November release schedule. Say what you will, this one is nothing but diverse.