Listen: Adult Mom - J Station

'Listen' is our way of cutting to the chase, we give you the small gateway ramble, you listen. 

Adult Mom's Soft Spots was released just last month on Tiny Engines, and has proved to be an essential listen. Packed to the brim of intoxicating, indie-rock numbers but distinguishable by distinctly emo-inspired lyricism, its a deftly sharp collection of songs with a spine of pop-readiness. Basically, its got a bit of everything.

Stumbling and eventually realising upon the sheer hurtfulness of a past relationship, 'J Station' sees Stephanie Knipe spiral from sweet to sad in a familiar, but nonetheless brilliant pattern, recalling the likes of Frankie Cosmos and Waxahatchee.

While Soft Spots is packed with humorous asides (See 'Fullscreen'), and an equally complex sincerity, it's the rawness, that wistful guitar sound and the all too fleeting nature of 'J Station' that makes it the perfect entry point, and a pretty perfect track.

"One more time for old sake  
I meet you by the BYOB place on Avenue A  
A little drunk  
Stopped for donuts  
And I got robbed by the J Station"