Avalon Emerson - 'One More Fluorescent Rush'

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 16.jpg

Avalon Emerson returns to London-based label Whities next month with a new 12″, as a result we've been gifted the gorgeously shapeshifting (and aptly titled), 'One More Flourescent Rush'. Proceeding the brilliant, The Frontier, is no small task, but Emerson is on sharp, reflexive form here as slight, arpeggiated synthesisers intertwine in a thick, tropical mix. 

Hayden Martin is tasked with visual duties, in turn depicting the the kaleidoscopic, enchanting images of wildlife and plants coming and going, along with an inclusion of Emerson herself. There's even a blink and you'll miss it inclusion of copyright watermarks on some of the more placeholder-like images. It's a superb accompaniment, and a deft visual for the dually humid and airy repetitions of a bewitching tune. At one moment its completely known, school-taught almost, before the halfway mark, where Emerson once more spins off into the dark undergrowth.

Flickering and flowing from dense bass to tense hi-hats, its would be easy to get lost in its evergreen nature, but thankfully we are carefully guided through, as each transition occurs naturally and deliberately. It's a propulsive, luminescent, hook-filled hybrid of tropical electronica and weighty techno - and ultimately an adroit, athletic feat of nature. 

Whities 013, featuring 'One More Fluorescent Rush' is available here.