Benjamin Jones - 'Separation'


Is loving you enough?
Or is it half of me?

So begins 'Separation' an immediately, and pretty staggeringly beautiful song from former Youth Lagoon touring guitarist Benjamin Jones. With a deft piano line and a warm, spindling guitar Jones weaves isolation and heartache touchingly. But, if 'Separation' begins with a slow dance it winds deliberately into an unavoidable, and transcendental ambivalence.

As sepia-stained memories are eventually found to be simply not enough, an offhand Sufjan (or even Foxygen) reference would not be wide of the mark, based not just on the soft timbre of Jones' voice but his defeated sentiment. If the vocals and lumbering drums feel loose then the slowly chugging bass keeps a gentle rigour before 'Separation' reaches its pseudo-psychedelic conclusion.

There's an obvious, hazy contemplativeness to it that many aim for, but instead fall into languidness. Yet, for Jones there's no such concern. It's breeziness is effortless, though thats not to say its failing to carry any significant weight. Instead, 'Separation' tracks the seasons, as the days get longer and the nights smell green. It's a ceaseless, swirling gem, that proves the heart might not always grow fonder.

In harmony,
I will always want separation.

Benjamin Jones' Light Up The Room 7" is out November 1st on Plastic Jurrasic

Ben Butler