Casual Friday - 'California'

Casual Friday arrive somewhere half way between Wavves and Waco-era Violent Soho, the latter of which were dead certs for our Best of 2016 Retrospective - who we thought were at their unrelenting best.

But, back to Casual Friday and 'California'. Originally released in November of last year its just been given a typically carpe diem to-the-max makeover in the form of a new, sun-stained, skate-heavy video.

Some of the first material released of their debut album Weekend Forever (out July 21st), its replete with muscular, dense guitar hooks accompanied by an extremely catchy chorus. Sure its pop-punk, but its decidedly intuitive overlapping vocals are filled with an unironic perceptiveness,

"But I love how all the things that we do just wash away, sedimental dragged to the bottom and taken by the waves of the ocean, where they're taken to the pools of memory, where they're opened and they used to sing these songs we sing" 

The band are described as "Southern California boys... who are rumoured to have descended from the Gods. Gods which have granted them powers to combine riffs and melody to enchant listeners into joining their rock cult". Though, Casual Friday could easily be written off as a bit of a joke, 'California' is nothing of the sort - it may make even persuade you to quit your 9-5 altogether.