Clark - 'Honey Badger'


Following Death Peak, avant-electronic producer Clark returns with a new 12” single - and its quite something. Aptly titled 'Honey Badger' its instinctual, careering from one style to the next, from techno, to hardcore - to a downtempo, almost solemn conclusion. As such its tonally all over the place, though cavernous, foreboding kicks are one of the few mainstays, until that cinematic crest.

Thankfully, it doesn't feel scattershot, instead its decidedly animalistic in its loss of control. Though its asymmetrical there's a distinct, imposing atmosphere that maintains throughout as its singular consistency. It's scintillating and engaging all at once, and when many contemporaries have given up the ghost, Clark is evidently full of ideas, eight albums (and more) on. Most of all though its a rabid, schizophrenic belter that demands your attention.

Honey Badger / Pig releases on Warp, December 1st.

Ben Butler