Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts - 'Mount Napoleon'

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 15.16.45.png

Milano is the latest album from you guessed it, Italian, composer Daniele Luppi. But, like previous effort Romea collaboration with Danger Mouse, its not really a normal record at all. Instead, Luppi has enlisted a cast to invigorate his vision, including heavy-hitters Karen O. and Parquet Courts.

We've already heard a few snippets from Milano, including the excellent ramshackle poetry of 'Soul and Cigarette'. Yet, the charming 'Mount Napoleon' might be our favourite so far. Subtle differentiations are key here between Parquet Courts' superb Human Performance and what's on display, although a delightful Pink Panther-esque backing adds a playful base for Andrew Savage to deliver his wicked epithets upon. 

"Money screams
And I can only walk!"

It's Savage's fashion conscious, biting lyricism that really comes to the forefront, as Luppi's brilliantly delicate instrumentation dissolves into a thrashing guitar, and a satisfyingly wailing saxophone. It all feels rather agile, even if Savage thinks he'd get a "nosebleed in those heels". As a result 'Mount Napoleon' feels like a deft feat, and not just an exercise in utilising its brilliant characters. Milano looks likely to cut a fine figure indeed.

Ben Butler