DJ Koze - 'Nein König Nein'


"I'll - I - I'll Be There...
To Understand"

Ahead of the star-studded Knock Knock (DJ Koze's first LP, LP in four years) 'Seeing Aliens' marked a strong, bounding return - but it's the fluttering, utterly arresting B-side, 'Nein König Nein' that we can't help but return to time, and time again.

It's a 4x4 hybrid somewhere between floating floor to sweating ceiling Caribou-material to a more oscillating, 5-am dance floor finisher. Both breathy and swelling it feels like an out of breath interval, and a climax, all at once. 

Those aching clipped vocals, alongside the momentously shapeshifting groove make it a difficult beast to pin down. But, then part of the fun is allowing it to follow it's own course - it's natural dissipation of energy, and one that is prolonged in part by that deep thud at 3:40 where it gains an all new life altogether.

From arguably the best modern disco rework we've ever heard (Can we say that? Probably.) to just about any genre under the kaleidoscopic sun, Koze never really disappoints or fails to surprise. Though, we cant help but think that 'Nein König Nein' is a cult classic in the making, B-Side or not.

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