Florist - 'What I Wanted To Hold'

'What I Wanted To Hold' marks the first release from Florist’s sophomore album, picking up the paintbrush from where they left of on last year's The Birds Outside Sang. It's a typically modest affair with Emily Sprague's soft, warm, whispered vocals placed at the forefront alongside a gently strummed guitar.

What is perhaps most remarkable about this latest effort, is an immediacy that coalesces with contemplation and specificity. At once it's an evocative, ethereal portrait, where stunning colours slowly come into focus through misty-eyes.

"What is love if not Violet, 
a beam of light on an Autumn afternoon
that slowly fades to Blue
I have always wanted you" 

Talking to The Fader Sprague explained that her upcoming LP deals "with the melancholy of remembering and the little associations that we make to people and places, so to hold on to these things that are either already gone, nearing an end, or just beginning”.

If 'What I Wanted To Hold' holds an unerring beauty in its lyrical colour symbolism, its delicate melody possesses a more unknown quality in, and of itself. As Sprague untangles life with care, Florist find a soft optimism, with new colours coming to the fore in a pseudo-Synesthesia quality that is entirely awing.  

If Blue Could Be Happiness is out 29th September on Double Double Whammy