Good Morning - 'To Be Won'

Compromised of the Melbourne-born duo of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, Good Morning have released to date what they call, two “mildly received” EPs and a handful of “similarly received singles”. But, this clearly does the lo-fi pair no justice.

Having been picked up by label Bedroom Suck, the band’s first two EPs, Shawcross and Glory are now being compiled and reissued on a new 12-inch, something that will surely surpass their current career highlight of, "being unfavourably compared to Mac DeMarco a lot".

To celebrate For The Rabbits just premiered a video for Glory highlight 'To Be Won', and it is a thing of skeletal, wistful beauty. Comparisons to the likes of Beach Fossils, Elvis Depressedly or even early Youth Lagoon would certainly be apt, but Good Morning's delicate, stark sound is something fantastic and entirely different in its own right.

"Lots of work with no friends to be found
No they ain't hanging around"

From the gentle, noodling guitar to its whispered vocals and gliding piano, 'To Be Won' feels truly intimate, and yet simultaneously nebulous. But, ultimately its a hazy triumph that portends to great things from Good Morning.

"Lots of work with many hands to be done for a day in the sun
And I've tried but it sucks to be won"

Shawcross and Glory are out July 7th via Bedroom Suck.