Francisco The Man - 'I'll Feel Better'

We've been fans of L.A quartet Francisco The Man for quite a while now, a love affair that started way back in 2013 with the drawling, summer anthem In The CornersA superb accompanying 7-inch and a debut album later, and here we are again.

'I'll Feel Better', the first material from upcoming summer release Bodies In The Sunsees Francisco in a fine vein of form once more. Though, they may have refined their sound a little, this gloriously sun-soaked track definitely fits their previous M.O. A relentless wave of lush, droning guitar fuses with impeccable vocals, before they are forced to come up for air after two-and-a-half minutes, only to reach again for those sonic peaks.

Although 'I'll Feel Better' is certainly an excellent showcase for the band's tight, rampant instrumentation, Scotty Cantino's high tenor is never washed out in the process. Indeed the singer's almost unintelligible cries resonate more powerfully in a purposeful, and perhaps failing struggle, not to be drowned out,

"I don’t think I believe in anything, just bodies in the sun"

That Francisco The Man's Loose Ends was a lengthy seven years in the making, makes it quite clear they aren't ones to slapdashedly throw something together. As such this feels like another stride forward for a charismatic band who aren't keen to rest on their laurels. 'I'll Feel Better' may be hook-filled indie rock but it's also an illusive gem that demands repeated listens, and one that certainly might make you feel a little better.