Kelly Lee Owens - 'More Than A Woman (KLO Remix)'

KLO Aaliyah.jpg

"My love and respect for Aaliyah as an artist/vocalist and Timbaland as a producer increased tenfold as I picked the track apart and understood how intricate and layered everything was".
- KLO's Facebook

No one quite asked for an Aaliyah cover from Kelly Lee Owens, but we sure are glad we got one. However, it's KLO's writhing, bass-house remix that is of particular significance for us, here. As entrancing as a firm favourite, 'Evolution', it harks to some of the best works from one of the best imprints around, Swamp81. It's pulsing - agitative almost, and so much more than just dancefloor fodder. 

"The remix of my cover was something I wanted to write and produce that gave the original track new life, and also gave people a sense of power—it’s unapologetic".

Like her self-titled release, its a hybrid of sorts, oscillating from something more accessibly tech-house to full on UK bass. Unrepentant sure, and in hands other than KLO's surely sacrilegious. Though maybe not quite as minimal as her analogue cover, 'More Than A Woman', sees the producer maintain full control of the skittish hi-hats and squirming sub-bass throughout. It's an impressive feat, and another exhibition of Kelly Lee Owen's unique ability to traverse genres with brilliant dexterity. 

Stream the track below.

The 12" is out on December 8th via Smalltown Supersound.
 A deluxe version of Owens’ debut album is also set for release, on November 24th.