Listen: Lexie - 'In Us'

'Listen' is our way of cutting to the chase, we give you the ramble on a track, you listen to it and then promptly fall in love with the album. 

It's safe to say we're pretty big fans of anything Frankie Cosmos. In our Best Of 2016 we said, "Next Thing never relents, both in its catchiness and ultimately its memorability". Enter Lexie, the latest project from Greta Kline - partnered this time by Warehouse members Alex Bailey and Doug Bleichner. And, the (suitably) excitedly titled Record Time! is replete with all the wiry guitars and adroit wordplay that we would expect from a consummate team.

'In Us' sees Greta Kline lament a break-up, though there's a bittersweet fortitude in the midst of the aftermath,

"While I believe in light
And I believe in love
I don't believe in us
I don't believe in us" 

Unsurprisingly it's an all too short affair, though in its brief course Kline's lyrics effortlessly turn the quotidian into the poetic. Backed by suitably churning drums and guitar licks, a visit to Chinatown acts as a cutting metaphor for overindulgence, "Even though / You make me full / You also make me horrible".

Record Time! is perhaps a little darker than we might expect, which is no bad thing. 'Tonight' sees a particularly enjoyable trade-off as dead pan lyrics grapple with Kline’s superb wit. Elsewhere the chugging 'It's Nothing' sees Kline sorrowfully capitulate, "I want to wanna watch you kiss someone else / Then i'll know that i'm really a ghost".

Certainly on this new project there's much to love for Frankie Cosmos aficionados, but also for newcomers alike, especially on the more accessible 'In Us'. It's definitively and deceptively intelligent indie-pop, that darts about with a barbed purpose, and there's always going to be an appetite for that.