Listen: Thunder Dreamer - Why Bother

'Listen' is our way of cutting to the chase, we give you the ramble on a track, you listen to it and fall in love with the album. 

'Why Bother' is a perfect entry point for the recently lauded debut album, Capture by the dreamy Indiana rock band (suitably named) - Thunder Dreamer. It's a brilliant slice of apocalyptic atmosphere, as disquieting and as beautiful as that foreboding album artwork.

Much of Capture feels like a more straightforward dreamy band - Real Estate, figured by post-rock titans like Mogwai, but perhaps a better comparison would be Turnover, whose criminally underrated 'Peripheral Vision' also succeeded in navigating what has become a rather tired genre. Crucially instead of merely providing ambience, Thunder Dreamer create their own, dusky climate.

On their opener swelling guitars and an impressively intricate composition are quickly undercut by lead singer Steven Hamilton's limp sentiment of heartbreak, "Why Bother?". Though, 'You Know Me' has indie-hit muscles with its Shins-infected sound, it's on 'Why Bother' that Thunder Dreamer best weave their meticulous, cinematic sound with a growingly distinctive voice.

“All that we learnt / All that we’ve paid
We will destroy the Earth and all we’ve made”