Lomelda - 'Out There'

"One morning on the way to high school my brother told me about an archive of live recordings he'd found of this guy named Elliot Smith. When he listened to them, he realized he could remember being there with him after the show, that they were pals, that Elliot taught him how to smoke cigarettes... We both figured we knew he'd never met Elliot Smith. But I spent the next six or so years trying to write this song" - Hannah Read to NPR.

'Out There' is the resultant attempt of indie-folk group Lomelda to parse this wonderfully fictitious tale. As stark as it is rich it's a swaying, deliberately foggy endeavour. Lomelda was conceived in some version or another way back in high school, and this undoubtedly tinges the project with Read's upbringing, where she lived in a tiny town from a huge state. Wavering from assured to anxious their latest feels like the connective tissue of the empty roads from big cities to small homes.

With it's gentle instrumentation acting as the surrounding landscape, rolling and rocking gently, it allows Read to ponder and imagine what could have been. Staring at the highway’s horizon she asks, "Do I sit in darkness waiting for what’s out there? I don’t know what’s out there”. 'Out There' gives no sense of resolution, indeed there's no fixation on truth whatsoever, instead it feels like a small candlelight in the encroaching twilight of the known.

Out There is the second track released from Thx, out September 8th on Double Double Whammy.