Makeness - 'Loud Patterns'


Having followed producer Kyle Molleson's steady stream of singles, while also catching a live show in 2016, its fair to say Makeness is a multi-faceted beast. Traversing the gamut of more dancefloor ready genres like techno and acid, to jungle and even shades of gabber, 'Loud Patterns' might come us a surprise to the casual observer. But, if 'Other Life' proved anything its that Makeness seems like a chameleon's project, shapeless but far from unrecognisable under closer inspection. Clearly, Molleson is just at home with kitschy grooves as he is snarling bass - of which '14 Drops' was a secret weapon, and a real highlight of last year.

'Loud Patterns' is just as cinematic as his previous outputs, but there's a noticeable roominess present, a vacuum even, that is not dissimilar to the airiness found on Love What SurvivesHowever, at two minutes in the track finds a welcome injection of pace, morphing into something a little more dance-punk with its distorted guitars and driving drum beat. As Molleson's vocals rattle off the empty walls they begin to knot tightly with the groaning instrumentation, forging more of a puzzle than a motif.

For a producer too often dubbed on the cusp of something, the announcement of a signing to Secretly Canadian might seem a little overdue when considering the body of work Molleson's Makeness has built up. Nonetheless, his latest track is the perfect marker for a celebration. A unique fusing of electronica, and post-punk its an ingeniously coded riddle, and yet another musical evolution.

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Check out the video below, for a brilliant, swirling animation by London-based visual artist Samuel Travis.