Palm - Two Toes

Palm themselves have referred to their latest EP Shadow Expert as a "collection of bent or broken pop songs", and they might be on to something. Its a truly charming collection of almost-janky tracks. Stuttering rhythms canter wildly and almost fall over themselves before once more regaining balance in a spectacle that merits repeated listens.

This is perhaps most true of 'Toe Toes' a blissfully mathy cut, that has been in the ether (in some state or form) for over a year now. Like most of the tracks on Shadow Expert it never ends up quite in the same place it started, and while it skitters wildly it finds brilliant truth in its own discord, 

"Someday this will all make sense"

'Two Toes' is a syncopated, coalescing piece of music that finally scatters in real style. But there's also an unnerving sense of grievance amongst Palm's twitching, brilliant instrumentation. While at sea amongst the choppy disorder all we are left to hold on to is an unmoving, but nonetheless subversive refrain,

How could I forgive that? / How could I forgive that?”