Pardoner - 'Uncontrollable Salvation'

Pardoner is the first time Max Freeland and Trey Flanigan have ever played guitar in a band before. Having not heard those names before, this fact might leave you completely indifferent, but one spin of 'Uncontrollable Salvation' and this takes on a revelatory meaning.

Operating at the intersection of slacker rock and pure punk, Pardoner have had obvious comparisons to Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and most notably Polvo - an interest of which helped contribute to the bands origination. Yet on first listen Pardoner are brimming with new ideas, not simply bootlegging their points of inspiration.

'Uncontrollable Salvation', the title track for their upcoming debut LP on Father / Daughter is a scintillating, swerving cut that both pummels and squeals vibrantly. Wailing guitars and spasming shouts like "I JUST BOUGHT A BRAND NEW CELL PHONE" have never sounded more satisfying. And, despite being wrapped up in a fair dose of 90s nostalgia it doesn't feel wrought or any less vital.

Like Light Up Gold era Parquet Courts there's something decidedly sharp, needle-like almost about Pardoner. Not only does it cut deep but its met with a squall of punk screeches that are not only incorrigible but inescapably brilliant.