Protomartyr - 'A Private Understanding'

With The Agent Intellect released way back in 2015 the perennially undervalued Protomartyr finally return, with a record label shift to Domino and a new album Relatives In Descent out in September.

'A Private Understanding', the first cut released from Protomartyr's new LP is a typically raw, drawling track that veers in a tension and release struggle from stream-of-consciousness brilliance backed by a clattering drum-beat to euphoric guitar lines. And, at once it feels like the post-punk heroes had never left.

It's clear that Protomartyr return with their own brand of political vitality (often lacked by many contemporaries) with Relatives In Descent billed as such, "Twelve variations on a theme: the unknowable nature of truth, and the existential dread that often accompanies that unknowing. This, at a moment when disinformation and garbled newspeak have become a daily reality".

They've never been one to pull punches, but despite their sometimes oblique messages 'A Private Understanding' is vicious, insightful rage. It's your favourite 'alcoholic uncle' in superb form once more like a man sick of a vacuous Christmas party, finally snapping. 

Indeed, Joe Casey's vitriol feels distinctly figured by a 'Falling Down' mentality with his latest shots fired at disinterest, and general apathy. That's not to say its not accessible or dry, far from it - its a hook filled diatribe that echoes a little louder each time you spin it.

"This age of blasting trumpets, paradise for fools”