Radiator Hospital - 'The People At The Show'


Radiator Hospital are consistently brilliant at the blink-or-you'll-miss-it. And, with Play The Songs You Like the four-piece are trying to heal over musical, emotional connections, with the same wryly, cutting approach. But if its an ointment from the drudge of the daily malaise, its covered in the brilliant veneer of happy go lucky thrashing cymbals and piercing guitars.

With, lead single ‘Dance Number’ Sam Cook-Parrott fires off bittersweet insights on identity and anxiety, 

In between the notes of your favorite song
You try to figure where it went wrong

And, on ‘The People At The Show’, Cook-Parrott is asking the same, unanswerable questions, but there’s a blinding specificity to the brand of despair found in the glance of a glazed-eyed friend.

We get fucked up in the same places
But when the wave comes crashing down
Will you swim to me or watch me drown?

Its a fitting introduction, both to Radiator Hospital’s excellent new collection of songs, but also the distinct oeuvre in which they’ve carved out. At one moment, it feels entirely microscopic in its range, tailored deliberately almost - but there's a universal appeal.

That’s not to say its trying a little too hard, or it isn’t playful, far from it. It’s just Radiator Hospital are really good at playing happy, when they’re actually playing quite sad. ‘The People At The Show’ is mad at people being ignorant at a show thats really important to them, which in itself is worth a pat on the back. Its also probably about the ephemerality of blissful ignorance. Either way, over 1 minute 44 seconds it will mean a lot to quite a few people, for quite a few reasons.

Radiator Hospital Play The Songs You Like is out October 20th on Salinas Records.

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