Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - 'Mainland'


I said, "I'm just a servant
To my base desires."

We called the titular opener from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever's last EP"A breezy slice of brilliant indie-rock, that turns and twists effortlessly, filled to the brim with clever wordplay and tantalising guitar hooks. It's summer listening, before the summer has even started".

But enough preamble. Though, It's clear that the intricate tools utilised then are are still firmly in hand on new single 'Mainland' - as Tom Russo (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist) explains, it certainly hits a a little deeper, and perhaps a little closer to home.

“I was reading about a refugee crisis unfolding not far away in the Mediterranean Sea... the song is about longing, disillusionment, privilege and holding on to love as a kind of shield”

It's inherently as propulsive and as poised as anything from The French Press, nonetheless it feels more somber, as if some version of carefree thinking has been hit by a caffeine crash of realisation. Though, this may be untrue to some degree, after all, RBCF have always shown great self-awareness in writing about being at the whim of Good Fortune before.

A picturesque, sweeping number then, though the verdant shores sung about on 'Mainland' (just off the coast of Sicily) illustrate an undercurrent missed by some - of more than just reverie to this zipping, initially breezy track. Unfortunately, there's no obvious indication if this will be part of their long-awaited debut LP (we suspect it is), or if it's just a drop in the ocean.

What we do know is it's another gorgeous piece of agile indie rock, and further proof that RBCF are able to create a brilliant earworm, while navigating previously uncharted waters.

Then she said
"We are just paper boats
Bobbing adrift afloat
While winds of fortune shove us
Where they will."