See Through Dresses - 'Lucy's Arm'

With See Through Dresses’ hotly-anticipated Horse Of The Other World dropping next month on Tiny Engines, we've already had a taster in the form of 'Pretty Police' and 'Violet'. Now, we've been blessed with another new cut from the Nebraskan band, one that is arguably the best we've heard from them so far.

Its a far more urgent, dense varation of their dreamy sonics. With Mathew Carroll’s vocals taking to the fore in a more high-stakes, but still altogether hazy blast,

"You should do whatever heals you, you need to
Don't break that baby's arm"

Though its certainly a continuation of their shoegaze vein, its a minor, but nonetheless brilliant side-step. Its a singles single, with a gigantic chorus that's a brooding, pulsing core threatening to explode into chaos at any point. More Beach Slang than The Horrors, its a cacophony of cymbals and synergy. Play it loud.