Slaughter Beach, Dog - 'Acolyte'


If Modern Baseball's greatest moments have been that of grandiose angst  then Jake Ewald's Slaughter Beach, Dog project acts as a stirring counterpoint. Instead, quiet epochs are found in his restrained backyard tales on love, fantasies, and the effects of age. We were head over heels for Motorcycle.jpg and everything we've heard from Birdie so far makes it apparent Ewald will be travelling, albeit rather gently, in the same direction.

"Man, it cuts like a dull knife
When you're young and you're told
Makes sense when you're older
Darling, let's get old."

On 'Acolyte' drifting melodies backed by soft whistles and a strummed acoustic guitar once more allow his lyricism to shine, as candid and microscopic details come in and out of focus in the dwindling sunlight. 

Acting as the last song on the new record, out October 27 on Lame-O Records, it marks an excellent and somewhat forlorn bookend to Birdie.  Concluding with a charming, almost fragile verse, 'Acolyte' proves once more that there can still be interesting and new love songs to be told, it just takes a different kind of storyteller.

"I'd say you look tired
Sing, my secret choir
Soak my scrapes and sleep tight
Sing, my brave acolyte."

Ben Butler