Soccer Mommy - 'Your Dog'


"I don't want to be your fucking dog"

Nashville singer-songwriter Sophie Allison's stunningly rich bedroom pop first found it's way to us on Collection - which you guessed it, was a collection of her previous EP's re-recorded and patched lovingly together.

Yet, it's clear that Allison doesn't really consider it Soccer Mommy's first true album. Instead, that distinction lands with Clean her upcoming debut on Fat Possum - the serendipitously animal-titled label that lays home to new single 'Your Dog' - a typically cosy sounding affair, though one with far sharper edges and rips forming at the seams.

'Your Dog' initially comes bounding out the gates with an intricate, spindling guitar and a deliberately thudding bass line, allowing Allison's assured, snapping voice to shine through. It's an altogether punchier track as each revealed frustration is compounded over, and over again (there's a suitably dark video to accompany it, but we won't spoil that for you).

Once hushed vocals now take on a more breathy, punk-ish manner - though there's no sense any kind of vulnerability has been lost in Soccer Mommy. Indeed, there's a notion of sickly complicity, of regretful, toxic codependency,

"Dart my eyes across the room
Forehead kisses
Break my knees in
Leave me crawling back to you"

As a result there's a kind of agile, cyclical quality, and one that puts it's own collar on the listener as a kind of voyeur. But, it's also a dark, dynamic earworm that goes some way in claiming back a loss of identity. In this respect it's a deft pivot for Soccer Mommy, the band. Though it harbours the same kind of blunt confessional tone it's enraged delivery feels entirely contemporary - and more vital than ever.

"Cause I don't want to be your fucking dog
That you drag around
A collar on my neck tied to a pole
Leave me in the freezing cold"

Clean is released on March 2nd via Fat Possum.