Tearjerker - 'Flipped'

Toronto trio Tearjerker garnered a fair bit of attention from indie publications darlings like Pitchfork back in 2014 for their blissful track, 'You Can'. A number of excellent Bandcamp releases later saw them refine their shoe-gaze sound, including last years supremely underrated Really Into You.

Now, a string of singles are slated for release this summer in the lead up to a brand new album. First up on the menu is, 'Flipped' a typically sepia-stained hunk of beautiful, hazy indie rock.

Tearjerker have an unbelievable knack for the hypnotic, which is no more evident on 'Flipped' where they appear to decelerate time, with a repetitive, mesmirising aesthetic. Though, this track furtively manipulates their usually blissful atmosphere as a more insidiously oppressive tone makes for a humid affair. 

'Flipped' sees a loss of control played not for an obvious emotional impact but a numbed realisation. Indeed, as the eight simple lines swirl and coalesce Tearjerkers' staple sound finds new heights with a deft, lovingly crafted touch.

Oh my god
We just flipped a car
Now all my things
Are lying in the street

I had a little dream
That I lost all my weed
And then I really had to say
Is that such a bad thing?