Teleman - 'Repeater'


'Repeater' marks the latest release from the Fünf EP, its a wiry, motorik cut straight from the Teleman art-pop textbook. Yet, there are some intriguing, subtle differences present, and a lot of this can be attributed to Fünf's unique origins. 

Having wanted to experiment with multiple producers for a proper body of work, they’ve enlisted five diverse figures with more dance and electronic-leaning backgrounds. Step in Timothy J. Fairplay, Ghost Culture, Bullion, Oli Bayston of Boxed In and Moscoman - heavy hitters indeed.

"Some had never recorded a band before, so we were all pushed out of our comfort zones a bit, which was great. All said and done, it still sounds like Teleman but each song has a different flavour which is what we were hoping for”.

We're pretty sure touring friends Boxed In have worked with a band before, so there's no gigantic leap of faith here, but there's something a little more lean, a little more sinister on show through 'Repeater',

She's gunna trip you up,
Crawling around your feet.
Look at the perfect feet,
There's nothing underneath.

Indeed there's a touch more TOY, and the psychedelic, helicoptering riff that concludes the track works superbly for the band - and, it's not just because someone's put the phaser effect on. It's arguably some of their strongest work alongside Cristina, and sseldorf, but its also a brilliant indicator of their ability to rewire their sound. Fünf von Fünf.

You'll get no sleep tonight.
You'll get no sleep tonight.
You'll get no sleep tonight.

Fünf is out on the 24th of November, through Moshi Moshi.

Ben Butlerteleman, repeater