Trace Mountains - 'Turn Twice'


It's safe to say we're quite a fan of LVL UP with Pain being a real highlight of 2016 thanks to it's rattling, Lo-Fi, NMH-esque sonics. But, if the likes of 'Hidden Driver' or 'Pain' were feats of raw strength or sensory overload, Trace Mountains from member Dave Benton is a far more measured, though nonetheless fuzzy project.

If you missed the exceptional Buttery Sprouts & Other Songs (also released in 2016) then you might have a little catching up to do - we recommend the title track 'Buttery Sprouts', and of course the twisting, beautiful 'Bring The Mountain To Me'.

Now on to 'Turn Twice', A Partner to Lean On’s first single and a quiet maelstrom of auto-tuned vocals, wistful guitars, and intimate bedroom-indie-rock brilliance. Talking to The Fader Benton explained a song that has been swirling gently in the ether, in some form or another, for more than eight years now,

"Completed in the summer of last year, the final arrangement attempts to bridge the gap between feelings almost a decade old, and the anger and confusion of the year 2017. The song, in my mind, is dedicated to my grandfather, Robert Patterson, who died last year".

In turn, 'Turn Twice' recognises the world may indeed be bleeding, haemorrhaging good even. Yet this a hushed, hazy attempt about trying to push on and to navigate - despite just about everything.

“As I drive by cemetery night
Close both of my eyes
Turn twice, then drive
Turn twice, then drive
Then I will know
Which way I’m going”

A Partner To Lean On is out March 30th via Figure 2 RC. You can pre-order it here.