Turnover - 'Super Natural'

In 2015 Turnover released Peripheral Vision on Run For Cover, a seemingly effortless dream-pop album with a humming, timeless quality. It would go on to become somewhat of a cult hit, despite the somewhat absence of critical attention at the time of release it ranked highly in many prominent end of year lists. Now two years on, Turnover make a welcome return to the fore with the brilliant 'Super Natural'.

The first piece of music released from the forthcoming Good Nature Turnover pitch there swirling guitars against the streaking Californian sunset, in what is a predictable, but nonetheless stunning forecast.

There are however some subtle changes to the beautiful, hazy aesthetic established on sleeper hit Peripheral Vision. A far cleaner production sees the delay and reverb effects restrained somewhat; as a result Turnover reach borderline stripped back surf-rock, obvious comparisons of which being genre mainstays Real Estate.

Yet, Turnover maintain their slight pop-punk and emo tendencies that saw them garner so many cross-over fans in recent years. Recalling the halcyon times of an almost spectral holiday, vocalist Austin Getz's irresistible refrain is pervaded by a deep sense of nostalgia,

"I don't know how but I can say
That I found my religion
When nothing was ahead of us
That week in California"

If it all reads a little on the nose, it isn't. Smothered in their enticing, warming instrumentation, 'Super Natural' somehow finds fertile ground in the sandy shores. Somewhere between meandering beach rock, and something far more longing, Turnover once more navigate an untraveled path, and in doing so have discovered something quite brilliant,

"We've talked too much to ever go back to the way it was"