Typhoon - 'Empiricist'


Oregon's Typhoon are the bewitching product of eleven(!) individual members, and on 'Empiricist' it's evident each interlocking part is as gargantuan as the band's own roll call. Huge in the vein of favourites Thunder Dreamer, Mogwai or even early Arcade Fire, latest album Offerings (out January 12th) sees Typhoon tackle a suitably aching subject - the loss of memory, and the impossibility of imitating actual recollection.

However, you don't really need a primer on Francis Bacon or Locke to understand Singer/Songwriter Kyle Morton's central conceit, in fact it's a pretty pervasive concern.

"What is the essential quality of the person if you strip away all memory?”
                                                                                             - Morton to Stereogum.

As part of the first movement 'Floodplains', the scale and sensory overload of 'Empiricist' cannot be overstated, but that's not to say this lamentation is static, from Morton's wavering vocals to the brilliantly isolated "In The Dark", it flickers and spits like an overextending bonfire - comforting and disquieting all at once.

Indeed, it's a credit to Typhoon's dynamism and Morton's lyricism that 'Empiricist' never succumbs to it's own vast grandeur. Though it's a sprawling, and intricate meditation on identity it never outstays it's welcome or feels overwrought. Instead, it feels like the beginning and end to something rather unforgettable. 

"And so the light fades
It’s still your birthday
So blow out your past lives like they’re candles on the cake"