Batu - 'Marius'

Described by Hessle Audio as “four tracks of driving percussion and oddball atmospherics”, Batu's Marius EP marks his debut on the label and the first release of the year in conjunction with their ten year anniversary.

Like the EP itself the eponymous track is a bubbling cut, both fluid and crystalline it swerves satisfyingly between Hessle Audio's more fidgety trademark style and something a little more four to the floor.

Its this splintering quality that makes it so successful as it flows and fills new pockets of darting elation. Although 'Marius' at times feels welcomely constrained, like lava rapidly rising - it sputters out occasionally and surprisingly with deadly force.

Elsewhere on the EP closer 'Don’t' is a more Balearic-tinged offering, a nod perhaps to the head honcho of Hessle and his growing ambient techniques. Whereas the balmy 'Off Court' and twilight deep-roller 'Nosema' are decidedly more simple pleasures, though they are nonetheless essential - offering a significant stability to what otherwise would have been a more lopsided effort.

Its indicative of Batu's finesse as a producer, and a composer that Marius feels so well balanced. These soundscapes are frighteningly enjoyable across the geographical spectrum, though its title track is no doubt the star of this blistering show.