Lonely Korea - 'Excited'


It's fair to say the twinkling effort from Australian-born, Tokyo-based musician Andy Burns came as a bit of a surprise to us. Arriving as a kind of hybrid between Wesley Gonzalez art-pop and something decidedly more emo (especially with that album artwork), its quite unlike anything we've heard lately.

The title-track from the newly released LP is a fitting introduction, which sees Burns' casting some acidic, Baxter Dury-esque lamentations,  

Happy for both of you,
I give it a year, possibly two...

Though musically it verges on uplifting there's an exhaustive, haunting bite to 'Excited'. On the album Burns' notes, "It's about self sabotage and sneaky couchsurfers stealing your girl and soiling your couch. It was made with old korg pianos, drum machines and a Chinese fender guitar". Certainly, bedroom pop then, but it's impressively and personally produced - and played. On interlude 'Meguro' a chiming, evocative piano finds the perfect segue to the understated ballad 'Pemberton', while 'Rosie' returns to the languid, lo-fi dream-state found elsewhere.


As a connective piece Excited is a little all over the place, though thankfully it finds some stability in its restlessness tone, and through some rather deft lyricism. On 'Disney in Ice' this translates as twisting, curling guitars for Burns' to sing-talk over in his deep, arching cadence. 

Though, the title track appears to be the strongest by some distance from Lonely Korea, there's an obvious depth which we look forward to delving into over time (we can't help but mention it brings to mind Lost In Translation with it's Tokyo touchstone). Bedroom-pop projects come and go, but the wistful, intimate offerings on this debut portend to something quite special. It goes without saying that we hope the forsaken Lonely Korea stick around for a while longer.

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