Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me

It's not really possible to overstate that Mount Eerie’s (Phil Evrum) A Crow Looked At Me is devastatingly sad. However, it is perhaps his most masterful quality as a musician in just how open the listener becomes to return to such source material. The discourse surrounding A Crow Looked At Me is likely to ‘put off’ many a casual observer. Yet, this record deserves more than being a marker for sadness. It is, after all a fine piece of music, that if warranted a listen will burrow in and find an unlikely home.

Ultimately, its exhaustive sadness is tempered by the most bleak of hopefulness. Opening track ‘Real Death’ is miraculously catchy and about as listenable as you could imagine in such circumstances. Though, an objective lens does not go hand-in-hand with A Crow Looked At Me, it’s evident both the opening and closing tracks appear to be its strongest, benefiting perhaps from their role as bookending such intensity.

It's apparent that you might therefore want to 'put off' listening to the dense middle of Mount Eerie's latest - like a critically-acclaimed documentary on the driest, or most dreadful circumstances. But, fear not. Mount Eerie's latest will guide you through the trauma, A Crow Looked At Me is a love story after all.