Sorority Noise - You're Not As _____ As You Think

If you didn't listen to the brilliant It Kindly Stopped For Me it's just as clear on You're Not As _____ As You Think that death has been plaguing Sorority Noise for a while now. But, even with lines like, "Just this year I lost a basketball team to heaven", Sorority Noise sidestep cliche with sheer conviction.

It's an album that has (and should) be unashamedly compared to a raft of Emo bands, most notably, and accurately of which being Brand NewSorority Noise, like a number of new-wave Emo bands, feels like stadium rock for the more discerning. And, there's something kind of great about that.

Catharsis is catchy too, and Sorority Noise are the kind of band people get tattoos about. Yet, on You're Not As _____ As You Think this all feels completely justified, rather than purely nostalgic. After all, it contains a litany of tracks that demand sing-alongs, demand raving about and ultimately demand empathy.  'No Halo', 'A Better Sun', 'Car' and many more skilfully build up energy, collapsing under their own weight at exactly the right moment. Driving guitars are knit tightly with heartfelt, almost-ballads to great effect, rather than merely to prevent staleness.

As such Sorority Noise entirely reflect the paradigm shift in current alternative rock. Emotional is the operative word, but they've managed to carve something brilliant, and somehow joyful, out of their own wreck.